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John M McDonald-Baker FlnstLM, GCGI, MMICS, CRSW, Dip.RSA, MSET                                             20-22 St Richards Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9JR

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JMB enjoys applying his knowledge to a broad range of problems in widely differing situations.


John Baker is able to use his highly specialist knowledge and considerable experience in a wider context than one firm can provide, and is able to gain a more varied experience of management problems.

JMB Management Consultancy is used first to provide a wider and additional expertise than is available within an organisation.


This could be in response to:-


- issues and problems that may have arisen

- the desire to expand the business

- designing and implementing new systems


Management consultancy is used to provide an objective appraisal where it is often easier for the expert outsider to see the broader picture and recognise the long-term benefits and requirements.


Management consultancy may also be needed to provide additional assistance where there is a temporary increase in the management workload.


This may be to cope with a major change or new development in any area of management responsibility, issues or expansion.

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