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John M McDonald-Baker FlnstLM, GCGI, MMICS, CRSW, Dip.RSA, MSET                                             20-22 St Richards Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9JR

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John McDonald- aker of JMB - has extensive experience in the development and running high quality vocational training centres.


John McDonald-Baker has worked for a major National Awarding Body, City & Guilds, and has a thorough and detailed working knowledge and understanding of the Qualification Curriculum Authority’s Code of Practice and awarding body policies/procedures and regulations.


John McDonald-Baker has worked with a wide range of agencies helping providers establish, develop and maintain their centres.

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We can summarise our services as follows:-

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Internal Quality Assurance

- Centre Development Awarding body

 approval to become an accredited        

 assessment Centre


- Approval submissions, including the  

 production of all the necessary policies and



- Checking of CV’s for occupational

 competence of Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers


- Assessor training and qualifications


- Verifier training and qualifications


- Teacher/Trainer qualifications – AET,


- Assessor and candidate induction


- Facilitation of team/standardisation  



- Writing of assessor documentation


- Portfolio structure layout and design of  



- Planning and monitoring Continuing  

 Professional Development (CPD) events for

 assessors and Internal Verifiers


- Assessment service to smaller centres or

 where there is staff shortage/sickness so  

 that candidates are not disadvantaged

- Internal Quality Assurance Coordinator             inductions


- Internal Quality Assurance systems design


- Equal opportunities monitoring systems



- Internal verification service to smaller               centres or where there is staff                            shortage/sickness so that candidates are        not disadvantaged


- Internal Quality Assurance qualification            training and assessment

All of the above services can be delivered individually or put together as part of a larger all inclusive package

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