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John M McDonald-Baker FlnstLM, GCGI, MMICS, CRSW, Dip.RSA, MSET                                             20-22 St Richards Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9JR

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JMB subscribes to and fully supports The Every Child Matters (ECM) Green Paper that identified the five outcomes that are most important to children and young people:


- be healthy

- stay safe

- enjoy and achieve

- make a positive contribution

- achieve economic well-being

The five outcomes are universal ambitions for every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances.


Improving outcomes for all children and young people underpins all of the work undertaken by JMB Consultancy.


The outcomes are mutually reinforcing.


For example, children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safe and engaged; and the evidence shows clearly that educational achievement is the most effective route out of poverty.


JMB provides child focussed services, support and training to support those childcare providers who are aiming to develop and improve their services to be centres of excellence.


We undertake Regulation 44 monthly visit reports based on the new "Quality Standards".

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